Giving, Caring, Enabling

THE RAJAWALI FOUNDATION (RF) was founded in 2004 as the philanthropic arm of Rajawali Corpora, a diversified Indonesia investment company. RF was founded by Peter Sondakh, the Chairman and CEO of Rajawali Corpora, to create a new funding mechanism to support the sustainable social development in Indonesia. The foundation’s emphasis on education reflects Mr. Sondakh’s view that knowledge, skills and creativity are the true foundations of equitable and sustainable economic development.

The mission of RF is to promote peace, prosperity and the conservation of Indonesia’s natural heritage through support for research, education and training. RF is a non-profit philanthropic organization that pursues these goals through partnership with Indonesian and international institutions and with local communities.

RF has identified public policy training and research as priority areas of support owing to the potentially large impact of even small improvements to policy on the life of the Indonesian people. RF works with international and domestic partners to learn lessons from successful policy innovations in Indonesia and around the world and to share these lessons with Indonesian policy makers, researchers, students and the general public.

Moreover, RF maintains a diverse portfolio of project and programs emphasizing policy research and education. Notable RF initiatives include the following: Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia (RFIA), Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia program (HKSIP), Indonesia Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF), Equality, development and Globalization Studies (EDGS), University of Cambridge Development Studies Centre, Centre for Public Policy Transformation (TRANSFORMASI), and Community projects.