Fardila Astari, IAPR

Fardila Astari

Communications Director

Fardila Astari is a Communication Strategist, specializing in marketing communication and public relation. With over 14 years of experiences in designing, developing, implementing and coordinating outreach programs to key organizations and conducting key audience research to measuring ongoing effectiveness of organizations’ communication activities, her work mostly focuses on conceptualizing and developing communications strategy with the core information materials, as well as educating key audiences about organization through various communication mediums. She also identifies and tracks activities and developments used to generate publicity and creates information resource for outreach activities.

She has years of experiences working with International Management Consulting Firms, Local Communication Consulting Firms, International Donors Agencies, International and Local NGOs, Private Sectors and the Government of Indonesia.

Fardila holds a master’s degree in Communications Management, with Specialization in Marketing Communication and Public Relation from the University of Indonesia.