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Rajawali Foundation and Indonesian Red Cross Provide Clean Water Supplies for Kelud Disaster Victims
March 19, 2014

JAKARTA (03/19) — The eruption of Mount Kelud in East Java had been forcing the populations that resided around the hazardous area to evacuate to a safer place. The volcanic eruption in February 14th has left some volcanic materials of thick dust and volcanic rocks spreading all over town, causing damages to many houses and making the citizens’ activities to be temporary halted.

While continuously monitoring the post-disaster situation from the capital city of Jakarta, The Rajawali Group and Rajawali Foundation through the Rajawali Care social program, is establishing a partnership with The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to assist the recovery process for the impacted areas from this natural disaster.

With the support and the suffice equipment of PMI, Rajawali Care will provide clean water supplies for the refugees in Malang, East Java, to overcome the insufficient amount of clean water, post-disaster issue. The assistance has been delivered directly by Rajawali Care Team to the Board Member of Indonesian Red Cross, Rapiuddin Hamarung in PMI Office in Jakarta on Wednesday, 19 March 2014.

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