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Rajawali Foundation Launch the Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program 2013
January 31, 2013

JAKARTA (01/30) — Rajawali Foundation, together with Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) launch the “Indonesia Program 2013” in Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta on Thursday, January 30, 2013. The launching was attended by the representatives of Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of education and culture, Ministry of Forestry, Embassy of the United States, and scholars

Jay K. Rosengard, the Public Policy Director of Harvard Kennedy School explained about this program, of which intentionally established for Indonesian who meet these categories; scholarship will be given for Indonesian to study at the HKS, fellowship program to conduct a research at the HKS or Indonesia research Fellow, and grants for research proposal.

“The objective of these programs is to develop the capacity of knowledge and research in the study of Public Policy in Indonesia, also to develop awareness and understanding about Indonesia at the HKS, and to develop partnership between the HKS and the community of Public Policy in Indonesia”, said Rosengard.

Agung Binantoro, Direktur Rajawali Foundation added, that the HKSIP 2013 will be much focusing on the executive training and public policy research.

“Through education program or research and training, the leaders and policy makers who participated in this program will be able to identify problems, gather understanding and knowledge, and formulating relevant policies. We will depart as much as 40 participants that will be academically selected and meet the requirement that’s already been set by related institutions, as well by the HKS. The implementation of this program is based on awareness, capacity building, and community development, to conclude the best result out of this program”, explained Binantoro.

The HKSIP is the vision and mission of Rajawali Foundation to escalate the capacity for the leaders and policy makers in public policy area in Indonesia, and has been established since 2010.

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