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Transforming Indonesian Leaders onto the Next level
August 26, 2013

JAKARTA (08/25) — Sunday, August 25, 2013, The Expanded Leadership Transformation in Indonesia Program was officially started, as Drs. Reydonnizar Moenek, M. Devt.M, an expert staff of Ministry of Home Affairs on political, law, and institution affairs department addressed his expectation towards this collaboration program between MoHA, Harvard Kennedy School, Northwestern University, and Rajawali Foundation through his speech that marks the beginning of this program on Sunday afternoon at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta.

“It is a very good chance for regional leaders to gather, share, and develop their knowledge to find the best solution towards the issues that faced by their region, while enabling them to advance their region simultaneously to support a brighter future of Indonesia”, said Drs. Reydonnizar Moenek on behalf of Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs.

The program is joined by the 40 regional leaders, who have successfully passing the education and training selection process from the ministry of home affairs. They are consisted of Heads of Regional Development agency, Regional Mayors, and Governors across the archipelago to attend the 5-weeks Executive Education Program, lectured by Northwestern University’s Faculty and Harvard Kennedy School’s Faculty, which originally initiated by Rajawali Foundation. The course of this program will take place in Jakarta, Boston, and Chicago, and ends on late October 2013. MOHA has been sending their selected delegates annually to this program for three consecutive years, since the Leadership Transformation in Indonesia Program was being introduced by Rajawali Foundation in 2011.

This year, Rajawali Foundation has been developing the program by expanding the scoop of study on this executive education program with Northwestern University (NU) and Australian National University (ANU) joining this collaboration. Harvard Kennedy School through ASH center would lecture the knowledge on leadership and public policy, NU through the Northwestern University Transportation Center would lecture the knowledge on Transportation Management, while ANU would lecture the knowledge on Regional Financial Management.

“The expansion of this executive education program is necessary for a comprehensive guide and reliable reference to create the ‘agent of change’ for those regional leaders, so they would have a feasible, relevant, and effective road map for the development of their region.”, said Agung Binantoro, director of Rajawali Foundation.

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