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The 3rd CSR Gathering
March 28, 2012

JAKARTA (03/27) — Rajawali Foundation conducted its quarterly agenda of the 3rd CSR Gathering in SKATEK Hall, Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport with the generosity of PremiAir to take the role as the co-host for this event. The event was attended by CSR department representatives from each of Rajawali Group Business Units, and Ayok B. Witoyo, an expert in CSR who is also a Director & Senior Trainer in CaptureAsia Indonesia as the guess speaker for this event.

The gathering was began with an opening speech by Hasto Pramono, The Head of Human Capital PremiAir, representing PremiAir as the Co-Host of the event, and as the gathering was scheduled to begin during lunch time, so the attendees were welcomed to have the lunch that had been prepared first. After the lunch, the attendees were guided by Jefri Chandra, an officer from the Health & Safety Environment Department at PremiAir, for a 15minutes-tour around PremiAir’s hangar and office.

After the tour finished, the gathering was continued with a presentation of Green Eagle Group CSR programs by GEG representative, Bobby Joris. The presentation showed the updated GEG CSR Programs that had been executed from November 2011 to February 2012, which were included; health program to improve nutrition for children in West Kalimantan site, religious program to provide the infrastructure to pray for the local people in South Kalimantan site, and education program to give scholarship to outstanding students who can not afford tuition fee for their college education in Papua and Kalimantan sites.

Next, a lecture about strategic initiative to enhance CSR was given by the guess speaker; Ayok B. Witoyo. In his presentation, Ayok explained about the core understanding towards CSR was not just about philanthropy action; rather CSR is an action to create sustainability for the world. Ayok exposed the strategy in planning and practicing the CSR program so that the program would applied best to a certain social issue, and resulting the outcome we are really intend to achieve from the beginning. The strategy was breakdown into several phases.

The first phase was to have the CSR program implementation governance to be always in-line with the corporate vision, mission, & values. This CSR program implementation governance also needs to have structure, behavior, interconnectivity, and function that supported by the potential resources. Meanwhile, in doing CSR, an organization or corporation should be focused to the Three Bottom Line concept by John Elington, of which are; People, Profit, and Planet. In addition, the 7 principal of social responsibility based on ISO 2006 should also be the reference in doing CSR practice. The 7 principal of social responsibility are accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behavior, dan respect for human rights.

The last important things that need to be pay attention to in doing CSR are to publish final report of a program, to regularly monitorize the program if it is a long-term program, and to measure up the outcome of the CSR program. For these matters, Ayok recomended Rajawali CSR Team to refer to Global Report Initiavite Standard G3.1 of 2011.

“The role of CSR is not just about doing charity for the society, but it will also give a better reputation to the corporate or to the brand of a company that practicing CSR. The new paradigm believes that CSR is able to leverage the market through creating experiences of brand and reputation”, explained Ayok.

A few minutes were given to the audience for Q&A session before Ayok wrapped up his presentation. Ayok gave many inputs for Rajawali Group CSR Team to improve Rawali CSR programs and activities in the future. The Gathering was ended after a plaque of appreciation was given to Ayok B. Witoyo by Christiantoko and Nathi Pudianti.

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