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Rajawali Takes Part to Assist Recovery Process for Mount Sinabung Victims
March 20, 2014

KARO, NORTH SUMATRA (03/20) — The mother nature of Indonesian Archipelago has been grumbling for months, as the land of north Sumatra suffers from the eruption of the Mount Sinabung . It has been 6 months since the volcanic mountain in Karo district, North Sumatera province, is waken up from its sleep and throwing up its entrails for the first time in hundred years on September 2013. More than 5 villages around the slopes of this mountain were heavily damaged from hailstones, hot clouds, and volcanic ashes, causing hundreds of residents to be displaced to the refugee camps and paralyzing their daily activities.

Rajawali Care, under the coordination of Rajawali Foundation, and the supports by Business Units Express Group, Archipelago Indonesia and Green Eagle Group, were moved to deliver an act of social action to assist the victims of Mount Sinabung disaster. The assistance is focusing on post disaster recovery, especially to the children who are attending the primary education on formal schools (from the 1st grade to the 12th grade students), whom needed to catch up with the lectures due to the disaster disruption to their learning activities.

On Thursday, March 20th 2014, the assistances were delivered directly by the representatives of Rajawali at the refugee camps that located 11 km away from the Mount Sinabung, in the city of Brastagi. Joining Rajawali Care visit for Mount Sinabung were Anugraha Dezmercoledi (Program Manager of Rajawali Foundation), Dodi Iskandar Daulay (Branch Manager of Express Group, Medan Brach), Marlon Hutajulu (Employee Relations of Rajawali Corpora) and some Team of Express Group from Medan Branch; Sofianto Pohan, Suhada, Ahmadi Pasaribu, Dedek Koeswoyo and Azhari Damanik.

“Hopefully this assistance would help in relieving the burden of the refugees, especially children who are students at school. The eruption of Mount Sinabung that had immobilized the local economic for months, should not halt the educational activities for children any further,” said Agung Binantoro, Rajawali Foundation Director.

It was a good day with fine weather in Brastagi when we visit the refugee camps, although the heavy smoke upon the Mount Sinabung did not look friendly at all to the residents around. The Vulcanology and Geologic Mitigation Disaster Center (PVMBG) still determined the status of Mount Sinabung in the level IV (BEWARE), at the time when this article was written.

By coordinating with the Sinabung Disaster volunteer team on the refugee camps, the Rajawali Group CSR Team were observing the refugee camps in Istihrar Mosque. The camps accommodate about 200 families with couple of tents of 75 square meters sized each. The camps were equipped with public kitchen, storage tents, and volunteer’s coordinating pos. The sanitary facilities were clean and in appropriate conditions for the refuges – it showed that the volunteer were working very well in coordinating the refugee camps.

Rajawali Care provides assistances such as; school uniforms, shoes and socks, school bags, stationery utensils, towels, tumbler, additional class tutors, and some clothes that are meant for 187 students in this refugee camps (95 elementary students, 50 junior high students, 42 high school students—data was gathered by the volunteer team).

The funds for Sinabung Aid were gathered from the companies CSR funds and and Rajawali’s Employees collective donations. Some of the clothes were donated by the Employees of Express Group Medan Branch, while some others were given by the employees of Green Eagle Group. Rajawali Foundation Program Manager, Anugraha Dezmercoledi, who delivered the assistance himself to Brastagi, said this activity is an action of the Group’s social concern.

“One of our priorities in carrying out social activities is to deliver assistance to the victim of natural disasters. We hope these assistances will be useful for the victims, especially the students, and hopefully this will be a trigger for more people to carry out a similar action like we do, so that we would overcome this disaster together,” told Anugraha.

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