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Symposium; the Center for Policy Research and Education
September 11, 2013

JAKARTA (09/10) — a strategic discussion aimed to bring together ideas in an effort to improve Public Policy in Indonesia was held by Rajawali Foundation. Collaborating with Ford Foundation, the two philanthropic institutions succeeded to gather Public Policy scholars, expertise, researchers, and social activists from various local and foreign institutions, in an ‘Establishment of the Center for Policy Research and Education in Indonesia’ Symposium, which conducted on a Tuesday morning, in Ford Foundation’s Auditorium, Sequis Centre Building, Jakarta. The Centre for Policy Research and Education (CPRE) will be established as an independent institution, with its focus on integrated research and public policy application in Indonesia, under the coordination of Dr. Jonathan Pincus, a former Dean of Fullbright Economics Teaching Program and Harvard Kennedy School’s academic member, and was originally an initiative from Rajawali Foundation. 

The discussion was led by Professor Larry Fischer, with panelists and moderators were including; Prof. Jeffrey Winters (Northwestern University), DR. Natalia Soebagjo (Universitas Indonesia – Center for Governance Study), DR. Sad Dian Utomo (PATTIRO), DR. Arnaldo Pellini (ODI), Steve Stine (Heidrick & Struggles), and Prof. Mary Hilderbrand (School of Government and Public Policy).

The objectives of this symposium were to capture a wide range of perspectives and inputs towards Rajawali Founation’s strategic review to establish CPRE. The attendees were ranging from the representatives of AusAID, United Nations, USAID, The Asia Foundation, British Council, Universitas Siswa Bangsa Internasional,  Universitas Indonesia – Center for Governance Study, School of Government and Public Policy-Indonesia, PATTIRO (The Regional Center of Research and Information), PSHK (The Study Center of Law and Policy), KEHATI, Prasetya Mulya Business School, Overseas Development Institute, Climate Land and Use Alliance, David & Lucille Packard Foundation, and Ford Foundation.

Rajawali Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to contribute in national economic development and improving social welfare through an effort in generating democratic governance in Indonesia. Since the establishment, Rajawali Foundation has its focus settled in fostering the quality of research and education in the area of public policy. As a part of the effort to develop such research and education on Public Policy studies, Rajawali Foundation has cooperated with several local and foreign stakeholders to establish CPRE – a brand new institution in Indonesia to introduce and conducting the research and educational activities in relation to the most important public policy issues in the country. So far, Rajawali Foundation has received the supports and trust to continue the establishment of CPRE from big institutions such as AusAID, Ford Foundation, Climate Land and Use Alliance, David & Lucille Packard Foundation, British Council, in a form of US$500,000 funding.

The outcome of CPRE will become a recommendation to escalate the coherent performances of research sector in the area of Public Policy across Indonesia, which intended to independently elaborate with other related institution. This institution will have a lot of coordination with many universities, other institutions, government agencies, and NGOs to create practical research and delivers the outcomes through executive education program and other policy dialogues. CPRE will also partner up with local and foreign partners in conducting the executive education program, including the programs for regional government that sponsored by Rajawali Foundation in partnership with the Harvard Kennedy School, Northwestern University, and Australian National University.

To go further, CPRE will develop some more innovative executive education programs for government executives, individuals, and also organization; while carrying out some policy-based research. Thus, from CPRE we will expect to see a significant improvement on research performance and its application on public policy in Indonesia; also the relationships between research institutions and policy makers will also be maintained. The establishment of CPRE is expected to provide a brand new model of policy making based on valid data that would giving a collective impact.

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