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Rajawali Foundation CSR to Karya Sosial Atma Brata
May 25, 2012

JAKARTA (05/24) — Rajawali Foundation visited ‘Kampung Nelayan’ (Fishermen Village) in the area of Cilincing, North Jakarta. Citizen who reside here are mostly people who work as fishermen with very low income. Housing in this village were built upon the land that have no certificate of land ownership, and there were about 3,000 families that have not yet officially registered as civil Jakarta citizens. To these people, they find it tough to fulfill primary needs; they hardly ever think to have they secondary needs.

Just a few miles from Kampung Nelayan, a social foundation called Karya Sosial Atmabrata has been established there since 1978 under the ownership of Gereja Paroki Salib Suci Keuskupan Agung Jakarta [the parish church of the holy cross archdiocese Jakarta]. Karya Sosial Atmabrata dedicated their work to help communities who live in Kampung Nelayan or nearby, through Atmabrata’s 7 social services they do; Food House for elderly, Education House for children, Wear House, Medical House, Coop Loan House for small sellers and poor families, and Plastic Recycle House. A friar named Brother Petrusp is appointed to coordinate the entire Atmabrata’s social services and activities.

As Karya Social shared the same vision with Rajawali Foundation, of which Atmabrata aims to help educate children and to prosper the community in that area, Rajawali Foundation was then moved too to help the children and community in Kampung Nelayan Cilincing. The Rajawali Group CSR Team was also involved on this CSR visit to Atmabrata. Representatives from Rajawali Corpora, Express group, Green Eagle Group, Velo Networks, and B Channel are among the team who join the visit to Cilincing.

Once we arrived in Cilincing, Rajawali Foundation and Rajawali Group CSR Team were first stopping-over in Atmabrata Social House. This house is functioned as Atmbarata Secretariat office and also become the centre place of their social activities. Then, guided by brother Petrusp, we were headed to visit the 3 schools that maintained by Atmabrata; Sekolah Dasar Empang [Pond Elementary School], Sekolah Dasar Bambu [Bamboo Elemantary School], and Atmabrata Pre-school. All of these schools were located in the middle of Kampung Nelayan settlement.

”Even though Atmabrata was established and owned by a church and runs by catholic people, but our overall activities are pure social activities and we never involve any religious element in our activities. We respect people with different faith and religious view. One of our schools is an actual practice of our nation’s ideology ‘Bhineka Tunggal Ika’; the building was built through generous support of a Muslim philanthropist. The land where we built the school was a donation from a Hindu, while Atmabrata as the maintainers of the school is a social foundation of catholic group”, explained Brother Petrusp.

Rajawali Foundation donated some amount of cash, 600 school bags and school equipments like pencil, book, crayon, for the children who attend the schools of Atmabrata. Velo Network was also giving donation of 5 computer sets for Atmabrata Schools. Velo Network hopes that the children in Atmabrata Schools would have the chance to get to know technologies as early as possible. And through this activities, the entire Rajawali Group CSR Team were looking forward to see education and welfare are evenly spread to all citizen in the capital city of Jakarta, so that Jakarta might as well be a good example for other cities development throughout Indonesia.

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