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Rajawali Foundation CSR to Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia
February 16, 2012

JAKARTA (02/15) — In accordance to commemorate International Childhood Cancer Day, Rajawali Foundation and CSR team of Rajawali Group were visiting Rumah Singgah (House of Transit) of Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia that located in Percetakan Negara, Central Jakarta. CSR team from Rajawali Corpora, Green Eagle Group, Greenland Rajawali Utama, Bukit Asam Transpacific Railways and Cendrawasih Jaya Mandiri were among the representatives who participated on this visit.

Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia (Indonesian Care for Cancer Kids Foundation) or also known as YKAKI, is foundation that was established in 2006 with its main focus is to help and attempt for cures to Indonesian kids who are diagnosed with cancer. YKAKI is also an official member of International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations [ICCCPO] that has access and facilities to get the right information about the cure and treatment for Kids with cancer.

Our visit in the YKAKI House of Transit was warmly greeted by Pinta Manullang Pangabean, co-founder of YKAKI, while the kids were busy studying on their Home Schooling class that has been provided by YKAKI. Parents were also seen in the House of Transit, they continue to support and accompanying their children throughout their activities during the treatment process.

On this very opportunity, Rajawali Foundation had applied its values ‘Giving, Caring, Enabling’ by giving the entire YKAKI House of Transit residents some moral and material supports. We also invited Rima Melati, a senior actress and a breast cancer survivor. Rima Melati was purposely invited by Rajawali Foundation to share her survival story and to motivate the kids with cancer and their parents not to give up in the struggle to recover.

“These days, the medical treatment for cancer in Jakarta is far more advance than it used to be when I had breast cancer. And even though medical treatment for children cancer is relatively incomplete, always remember that the most important thing that these kids need is faith in believing that they will eventually be cured and continuous support from parents in giving strengths to the children until they get healed. With earnest prayers, have the medical check-up regularly, and eat healthy diet, may God heals these children from cancer.”, said Rima Melati to the resident in YKAKI House of Transit.

After Rima had finished sharing her story, the YKAKI children energetically show their spirit in showing their ability to express themselves through a song called ‘Jangan Menyerah (Don’t Give up)’, a song written by an Indonesian band. Although, these children have malignant diseases, that don’t mean they could stop these children from being creative. A 4 years old Algina, who was in the middle of the treatment in curing her Neuroblastoma (neurogical cancer), seemed to be very cheerful in singing that song with her other YKAKI friends.

Before leaving the YKAKI House of Transit, a charity in a form of some amount of cash donation was given by YW Junardy—the advisor of Rajawali Foundation, representing Rajawali Foundation for YKAKI, and also some educative toys were given by Bukit Asam Transpacific Railways to YKAKI children. Then, a plague of appreciation was given to Rima Melati for participating Rajawali Foundation CSR activities. We sincerely hope that our visit would give positive impact to YKAKI and to the children with cancer.

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