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The 2nd CSR Gathering
November 30, 2011

JAKARTA (11/29) — Rajawali Foundation held the 2nd CSR Gathering, attended by representatives from each of the Group business units. An opening speech from Bobby Joris, representing Green Eagle Group as the co-host of the event, marked the beginning of this event, followed by a brief update about Rajawali Foundation activities by Fritz Simandjuntak, President of Rajawali Foundation.

During this gathering, Rajawali Foundation took the opportunity to invite Noke Kiroyan, the President Director and Chief Consultant of Kiroyan Partners & Strategic, as a guest speaker to share his knowledge with CSR team of Rajawali Group. A theme “State of the Arts CSR in Indonesia” was presented by Kiroyan, which explaining much about the concept evolution and establishment history of CSR, the general perception and understanding of CSR in Indonesia, a brief explanation about the United Nation Global Compact, and also explaining about the Principal of Good Corporate Governance. On his presentation, he emphasize on the importance of identifying the stakeholder involvement in social responsibility activities of a corporation.

“In taking a decision or planning an activity, an organization should be able to consider the impacts that would be received by the parties who have interest or as well parties that are related to the decision made by the organization”, Noke said.

Representatives from Rajawali Group Business Unit responded Noke’s presentation with enthusiasm. During the sharing session, they shared their CSR activities from each business unit, and have a brief consultation with Noke on how to overcome the general obstacles.

Before the gathering ended, a MoU of Rajawali CSR Programs was signed at once by Rajawali Foundation and Rajawali Group Business Units for a form of commitment in practicing Good Corporate Governance.

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